Pasta Trays
Half Pan                                49.99
(Feeds 8-10) served with 10 garlic bread.
Full Pan                                 95.99
(Feeds 18-20) served with 20 garlic bread.
Extras: garden salad 1.00 per person.
Salad Trays
Small                                 29.99
(Feeds 8-10) served with 10 garlic bread.
Large                                 49.99
(Feeds 18-20) served with 20 garlic bread.
Appetizer Trays
Small                                39.99
24 wings, 12 cheese sticks, 12 fried mushrooms.
Large                                 79.99
(24 wings, 24 cheese sticks, 24 fried mushrooms.
Subs Trays
Small                                 45.99
(Fees 8-10), served qith 10 bag of chips.
Large                                 79.99
(Fees 18-20), served qith 20 bag of chips.
Order-in food for the whole company, a gathering of friends & family, or a special event. We will take care of everything for you, from the plates, napkins, and plastic ware to fast and fresh (and most importantly free) delivery so your guests are never disappointed. Our catering menu features appetizers, salads, subs, pastas, wings, and pizza trays. For formal events, we also offer a full catering service for any number of guests at an affordable price.

To make the process of ordering and making payment toward your orders, Pizza Fino Corporate Charge Accounts are offered to approved business customers. This allows you to sign for the orders and receive an invoice at the end of the month. To open a charge account for your business, please contact the store manager at your nearest location.

Corporate Account

Dessert Trays
Small                                 39.99
20 cookies, 10" apple pie, 10 miniature cheesecake.
Large                                 59.99
40 cookies, 10" apple pie, 20 miniature cheesecake.